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Importance of due diligence for private lenders

There is no way to invest 100% risk free. But it is a way to mitigate your risk and bring the exposure to it to a more comfortable level. It called “due diligence”  More of the information you have about the potential opportunity to fund a mortgage, better you will be able to make a decision. First of all, when you receive a request for a mortgage from you Mortgage Broker, you should get a package including:

  1. Application containing clients information, address, phone number, property address, indication of preceding mortgage if you are supposed to fund a second or beyond mortgage, client debt  level, client job information and indication of income (all the information provided in the application must follow documents as proof of the information at a later date, unless the Broker already has it and attach it to the request up front)
  2. Appraisal is very important unless you are a seasoned lender and will make your own evaluation based on property assessment and MLS listings. Some instances the borrower wants to see a commitment from the lender subject to property value and then only pays for an appraisal.

    RRSP investment with great return and substantial tax savings

    RRSP investment with great return and substantial tax savings

  3. Credit bureau will show first of all a Beacon score. Many lenders are sensitive, however as a private lender it means only one thing; the lower the score is, the higher the risk is and the higher the rate investors charge in return for tolerating. Careful analysis of a credit bureau will give you much useful information about the client’s character and financial well-being. Make note, if the client has a great score and good history, the banks will provide them mortgage with a great rate and you will not be given the opportunity for a great return. Clients with issues will pay premium rate. In any case, till you are familiar with credit bureaus and know how to read them, you need to consult your Broker, sent you the request and ask questions.
  4. Miscellaneous documentation might or might not be included in the initial package, however it is the practice your Broker wants to see first if you are interested in the deal or not.
  5. Lender Proposal/Disclosure Statement will provide you with a knowledge of client, property, preceding charges and the request made by the client. The amount of the mortgage requested, the rate might client will agree to, the fees charged by the Broker and others, the fees for other services, the Loan To Value Ratio and a synopsis of the application. Also it will remind you  of the importance of the “Due Diligence” process and that you are encouraged to make it thorough as the decision is yours and yours only.

Turning down a request is better than pushing through and have problems later on.  Even a well researched and considered mortgage can go “sideways” and a looks like very complicated and high risk mortgage can be just fine. Your Broker will certainly will provide you support and advice but you must make the approval yours and not of anybody else’s. After all it is your money.

MortgagePRO president Zoltan M. Padar is also a private lender for over two decades, lending his own funds and provide opportunities to private investors like you to lend your capital and or your RRSP funds into mortgages, secured by real estate across Canada. Visit him on his own website and also on the website he is promoting lending by investors. Never too busy to answer your question, just email Mr. Padar, you will get an immediate respond.



Values up, risk down, time to invest

As a Private Mortgage Lender you understand, how important it is to be at a low LTV. In today soaring Alberta home values, todays 85%LTV will become real fast a 75% LTV tomorrow, mitigating your exposure lower. Visit us and sign up to receive lending opportunities from us.
your futureCalgary’s resale housing market started off 2013 with a bang, with a 15 percent increase in sales over January 2012 results, and in fact its best January for sales since 2008!

The Calgary Real Estate Board® (CREB®) reports a total of 1,230 sales for January 2013, a significant increase over the 1,068 sales reported in January 2012. Single-family homes accounted for 879 of January 2013 sales – an increase of 15 percent over January 2012 single-family home sales. New listings for single-family homes remained just above levels recorded at the same time in 2012 for a total of 1,737, although listings for other home types dropped, to result in a slight overall decline in total new listings for January.

“While activity is typically slower in the winter months, recent improvements in single-family new listings helped support improved sales in that market,” explained CREB® President Becky Walters. “Overall indicators put the market in balanced conditions.”

If you’re thinking about listing your home, it’s a great time to do so as inventory levels are still low. CREB® notes that a lower level of inventory can pose a challenge to buyers, as they feel the need to make their buying decisions quicker than buyers have done over the past four years.

Whether you’re thinking of buying, selling or “just looking”, you’ll want the most up-to-date market information available. Please call today for the latest updates in your area!

By: Richard Conover of Real Estate Professionals